Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How to.. Corporation WebFax Drive Campaign Guidelines

Meet your H.R. representative and explain the problem and the solution namely that there is a provision in the Senate version of the budget which will help retrogressed EB categories. Ask them if they can send a fax to their local lawmakers to get this through.

When you talk to them take the template with you Also tell them that they can send a fax signed by the authority in the company OR can just use the webfax that ISNAmerica has. If they want to send their own fax, hand over the template and ensure that they send ASAP as the conference committee convenes very soon. Please also ensure that they understand the issue. If they choose to go to ISNAmerica
and use the webfax, follow Step 2 which is the preffered method
Please find fax nos of Congressmen/Senators @

Ask them to go to
They would have to fill out the following
  • "State Where Corporation Is Based:" This is for deciding which states lawmakers they can approach
  • "Do you want to send fax to all senators/congressmen in your state?" This is for deciding which lawmakers they want to communicate with
  • "Fax Option:I want to print customized hard copies and fax. I wish to send online Fax through IsnAmerica.Org." These options allow the company to either send online - like the webfax we have been sending or print out a formatted document which they can sign and fax from the company fax machines.
  • "Sender: Corporation Representative? (For Eg: HR Manager, Officer) Employee On Behalf Of Corporation?" Designation of the person who sends it on behalf of the company
Corporation WebFax Campaign

Corporation web fax is ready for use and live
Please note this feature "Corporation Web fax" is entirley different from "Individual Web Fax" and can be done only on behalf of Corporation.

We all know the value of fax, if it goes on corporation letter head.

Let me mention here the suggestionss we got from

* Compete America:
Employer contacts are especially important!

* Oh Matthew/
Business and academic communities are extremely important for the last minute push, and we urge each of you to contact your employers to keep contacting these Senators and Congress people

Let us do our efforts.

Please see the following important links for corporation web fax:


Corporation WebFax Link:


Sunday, November 20, 2005

House Passed S. 1932, but...! Answer to Confusion on Passage of S. 1932 by House On 11/18/2005

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Retrogression - What does it mean to me as a legal immigrant?

A nice explanation.
Passage of H.R. 4241 - What Does It Mean to Me?

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